A patch test is carried out before any treatment.


Brows  are created in two ways.

*Colour is put throughout the desired eyebrow shape giving overall colour. 

*Microblading forms natural looking hair strokes within the desired brow shape.

Both techniques create excellent results.



Lip Liner

A definate line around the edge of the lip.


Lip Blush

A line around the egde of the lip that softly blends into the rest of the lip.


Full Lip

Colour throughout the lip.


Eyelash Enhancement

Colour goes through the eyelash line. It frames the eye and makes eyelashes appear to be thicker (a natural look).


Eyeliner Top Lid

A line across the eyelid (can be suttle or strong).


Eyeliner Lower Lid

A line throw the lower lashes of the eye (can be suttle or strong).


Top Up

Required 6-8 weeks after initiall brow treatment.


Colour Boost

For any area at any time to boost the existing look.