We wish to give as much information as possible about what we do and what makes us different from other

Semi-permanent specialists.


Here are a few frequently asked questions. Please bear in mind our answer are only in relation to treatments at the Burnett Clinic. 

Is it painful?

We specialise in making it a comfortable experience, different creams and used throughout the treatment to numb the area. We also use the lastest technology with a Kryo freezing paddle to numb.


How long will it last?

Everyone is different, but on average 12+ months. We do a 'Colour Boost' treatment for our clients, it can be done at any time to refresh existing colour.


Is the eyebrow shaved off?


Is there an injection?



How many treatments do I need?

Brows: One treatment with a  possible top-up treatment 6-8 weeks later.

Eyes: One

Lips: Two or Three dependent on desired effect.